Daniel Radcliffe says playing Weird Al Yankovic is a ‘huge responsibility’

daniel radcliffe
Noam Galai / Stringer / Getty Images

Filming began this month on The Roku Channel’s upcoming biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, loosely based on a 2010 Funny or Die spoof of the same name. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Yankovic himself, who was first spotted on set this week donning the legendary polka aficionado’s curly hair, mustache, and wacky shirt.

But if anyone was wondering what it’s like for an actor to play such an iconic role — perhaps the most iconic of his career, if we’re being honest —the 32-year-old opened up to People on what it’s like to embody the man behind the accordion.

“Wearing the Hawaiian shirt is a huge responsibility that I don’t take lightly,” joked Radcliffe. “And I’m honored to finally share with the world the absolutely 100 percent unassailably true story of Weird Al’s depraved and scandalous life.”

Yankovic likewise offered a first-look at Radcliffe in costume on Thursday with a dose of his trademark quirky wit.

“SHOOT DAY #8: It never fails — we’re trying to shoot a movie here, and this cosplayer weirdo tries to crash our set,” the 62-year-old “White & Nerdy” singer wrote on Twitter. “Ugh! I mean, I love my fans, but … boundaries, people! Don’t worry, we had security throw him out.”

“The biopic holds nothing back, exploring every facet of Yankovic’s life,” according to a press release, noting the otherwise squeaky-clean singer’s “meteoric rise to fame with early hits like ‘Eat It’ and ‘Like a Surgeon’ to his torrid celebrity love affairs and famously depraved lifestyle.”

The film is being directed by Eric Appel, who also directed the Funny or Die trailer, which featured Aaron Paul as Yankovic and Gary Cole, Mary Steenburgen, Patton Oswalt, and Olivia Wilde as his concerned parents, Dr. Demento, and Madonna, respectively.

No release date has been set, but Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is expected to stream on The Roku Channel sometime later this year.