DC’s New Official Timeline Establishes Wonder Woman As The First Superhero

Wonder Woman 1984

With all the reboots, Crises and relaunches to occur over the decades, comic book continuity sure can get confusing – and DC knows this. Heck, that’s essentially why they’d put together events such as Crisis on Infinite Earths and Flashpoint so that they may start from scratch every now and then. But when people complain about certain aspects being forgotten, then we have things like Rebirth there to re-inject those familiar elements into continuity.

Still, the entirety of DC’s history must not be forgotten, and it sounds like the publisher’s newly established timeline will make sure everyone remembers the most important of occurrences and super groups. And even though Superman was the first hero to put DC on the map back in 1938, Wonder Woman is now being credited as the original superhero.

According to ComicBook.com, here’s the relevant news coming out of the DC Nation panel conducted at New York Comic Con:

“DC will release an official new DC Timeline which will establish Wonder Woman as the first superhero of the Golden Age, and her arrival in America as key to the establishment of the Justice Society of America, according to Dan DiDio at the DC Nation panel at NYCC .”

As for Superman, he’s said to be the first in a second wave of heroes, with other eras following Crisis on Infinite Earths. Truth be told, this does make sense because Wonder Woman is often portrayed as being centuries, even millennia, old.

Knowing that Gal Gadot is set to once again light up the big screen as Diana in Wonder Woman 1984 next June, it’s very likely that we’ll see the character be prominent in DC’s publishing line as opening weekend draws near. After all, two separate books uniting Harley Quinn with the Birds of Prey are targeting February releases, so we fully expect for the Amazon Warrior to get just as much attention in time for her blockbuster sequel.