deadmau5 Showcases Latest WIP Update With “No Problem”


So far in 2016, deadmau5 has spared no expense in giving his fans a window into his creative process. The progressive house provocateur has uploaded works in progress to his SoundCloud account at a breakneck pace, perhaps relying on their reactions as a dowsing rod to determine what direction he ought to take each production.

His latest upload, “No Problem,” is the most developed version of a track that he’s been working on for weeks. The soft intro melody giving way to a more electro house-leaning progressio that has remained the most defining characteristic of the production since he uploaded it as “Carp,” although it certainly sounds more complete now than it did at previous stages.

At this point, though, deadmau5 has proven that he could literally upload animal noises to his SoundCloud and still be lauded as a musical genius. It hasn’t swayed us from paying attention, so we’ll be on the lookout for more from the producer’s producer now that festival season is under way.