Deadpool Creator May Be Suing Marvel For Shady Business Practices

Deadpool 2

Those of you who are familiar with Rob Liefeld are well aware of how the co-creator of Deadpool is not only passionate about his work in the field of comic books, but he’s also not afraid to mince words on social media. Having said that, one of his latest posts online sure is turning a lot of heads.

This time, it appears as though he’s taking legal action of some sort against Marvel. Then again, his beef could be aimed at parent company Disney. Right now, not much has been made clear to the general public for obvious reasons, but something’s most assuredly gone down that’s rubbed Liefeld the wrong way.

In a recent Tweet that was accidentally removed by Liefeld himself after he tried editing a response to a fan, he flat-out expressed his displeasure with Marvel. Though it’s been scrubbed from Twitter like we said, Epicstream did manage to capture the quote from October 8th in full:

“Had a good long talk with my attorney. Time to hold some feet to the fire for some shady practices over at @Marvel. Good times to come @RobertIger.”

As you may have noticed, the Robert Iger he tagged there just so happens to be Chairman and Chief Executive Officer over at The Walt Disney Company, so Liefeld isn’t fooling around by any means. And while the original post may be gone, Rob has since re-Tweeted an article concerning the subject, in addition to linking other things regarding Disney.

Having said all this, we’ll just have to wait for the official details to be disclosed at some point down the line. There’s no way of telling whether the dispute is with the comics division, or if it’s with Marvel Studios/Disney. The timing of this coming after Deadpool now resides under Disney’s umbrella is peculiar, but we mustn’t make assumptions or get too ahead of ourselves before learning more.