Detective Comics Delivers The Goods With 950th Issue

Milestone issues are something that take priority with anyone who collects comics, especially when they pertain to a character as old and popular as Batman. And considering that Detective Comics will be hitting the 950 mark this week, it’s probably safe to assume this one won’t take long to fly off shelves.

Like most anniversary specials, readers can look forward to experiencing multiple stories thanks to a higher page count. In this case, we’re getting three: One involving Cassandra Cain/Spoiler; another featuring the unlikely duo of Batwing and Azrael; and a flashback of sorts focusing on Batman and Red Robin. At only $3.99, that sounds like a reasonable amount of content, if we say so ourselves.

Another reason you’ll want to check this one out is because it happens to serve as a prologue to the upcoming “League of Shadows” storyline that writer James Tynion IV has been building to since last summer. If it turns out to be as good as what he’s put forth thus far, it should definitely be on your pull list.

Detective Comics #950 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, February 8. In the meantime, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

“League of Shadows” prologue! Celebrate 950 issues of the original Batman series with this extra-sized extravaganza! Cassandra Cain has stayed out of the spotlight on Batman’s team as she slowly comes to terms with the civilized world she was kept away from all her life…but the time for her to step up is fast approaching! Will she ever learn how to fit in among the masses, or will she always be more weapon than woman? Plus: a primer on the history of the League of Assassins, and an adventure with the team’s newest recruit: Azrael, the Avenging Angel!