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Eva Mendes seemingly confirms Ryan Gosling marriage rumors

Whether it be a momentary lapse, or intentional devil may care approach, an innocuous breakfast TV interview confirmed everything.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
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First, a tattoo got celeb-watchers giddy about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling tying the knot behind closed doors, but now Mendes appears to have straight up confirmed that the pair are in fact married.

Mendes referred to Gosling as her husband while chatting with the Australian breakfast TV program Today about some charity work she is doing in the country while Gosling films The Fall Guy. 

Either her PR and media training slipped for a moment or she decided to lift the proverbial veil on the couple’s marital status once and for all, but it looks like Mendes and Gosling are well and truly official at this stage.

Of course, the rumor mill began to swirl a few days ago when Mendes showed off a ‘de Gosling’ tattoo on her wrist on Instagram. Mendes was asked about the tattoo while speaking with the press in Australia, saying she got the ink years ago. 

When asked about tying the knot with Gosling, she quipped, “who’s to say we aren’t already?”, per TMZ. Mendes is currently in the country working with the Mcdonald’s charity wing, Ronald McDonald House, as an ambassador for McHappy Day.

While Mendes won’t be returning to the silver screen any time soon, Gosling has a number of projects in the works. He is currently filming The Fall Guy, an adaptation of the 1980s TV series of the same name. 

Gosling will also be playing Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie, and its director, Greta Gerwig, promises ‘many extraordinary looks’ for Barbie’s paramour.

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