Exclusive Interview: Getter Talks Miami Music Week, Grime Art Collaborations And More

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

Widely recognized as the slimey dude who loves burgers, Tanner Petulla is a Los Angeles-based electronic music producer operating under the moniker Getter, and he’s definitely one of the most exciting artists in the industry right now.

In recent years, the ever-changing sounds by Getter have spanned from pulverizing dubstep to energetic bass music to futuristic dreamy synth work. His undeniably expansive production skill set has been supported by electronic music industry giants including Skrillex, Borgore and many more, proving that he is definitely an artist to keep a sharp on eye on throughout 2016.

Hot off the release of his early 2016 EP Radical Dude! via OWSLA, Getter is hitting the ground running with his brand new, extra slimey “Rip N Dip” music video as well as the recent launch of his new clothing brand, Trippy Burger.

While in Miami last week for Ultra Music Festival, we got a chance to talk with Getter about his new EP, Miami Music Week, slime and his favorite burgers.

Check out what he had to say below and enjoy!

How was Miami Music Week? You played a few parties with OWSLA and Buygore Records, as well as Ultra Music Festival for the first time. How do you feel about it all?

Getter: It was beyond exciting. I went to Ultra the past few years as a guest on some friends’ lists. It was always super fun but it’s been a dream to play it. And it was really cool having the sunset slot, I got to see the sun go down while I was playing!

You’ve collabed with Miami rapper Pouya a lot and have said in the past he’s one of your favorite rappers – have you been working on any new stuff with him?

Getter: Ohhhh yeah. Pouya is my favorite rapper and it was seriously such a privilege to work with him. He’s on tour at the moment but we definitely wanted to do something at Ultra. And we just finished his debut album “Underground Underdog,” which is coming out soon.

What was the concept behind Radical Dude!? 

Getter: There’s no solid “concept” to anything. I just had some ideas that I thought I’d pursue. It was a great experience making all the music for it. Each song has a different meaning.

Which song would you say is your personal favorite off the EP?

Getter: My favorite is “Forget It” ft. Tree. He’s a really good friend of mine and that song comes from the heart and is the first of many heartfelt songs of ours.

You’ve been known to be pretty diverse in your production, what kind of music can we expect over the upcoming year?

Getter: Ahhh I wish I could tell you, but even I don’t know! I make so much music in so many different genres. I guess it’s what you won’t expect because I have a little of everything coming out.

When did you start collabing with graphic artist Deladeso? You’ve solidified his grimy art as a huge part of your brand.

Getter: That was another privilege for me because he’s one of my top 3 favorite artists. I’ve had his prints and stuff all over my apartments for years. One day ETC!ETC! told me he knew him and put me in contact and I couldn’t believe I got to actually work with him.

What was the initial “Suh Dude” moment? When were you ultimately aware that you and Nick Colletti were destined for greatness?

Getter: I mean, that’s kind of hard to say. Nick and I have been saying “suh dude” for a few years now, it just sort of popped up out of nowhere. But I know Nick and I are really good together, in a comedic sense, and we want to use that to move forward as friends and as business partners.

What’s your favorite color slime and does it coagulate with the color of your hair?

Getter: I like all slime, but green is probably my favorite. I’ve stopped coloring my hair for a bit because my hair is dying. Hopefully I’ll continue again soon.

What is the best burger you’ve ever had? And have you ever actually tripped out from eating a burger before?

Getter: Best burger I ever had was about 2 years ago in Australia. Can’t say I’ve tripped out from a burger but I’ve definitely had dreams about it.

The “Rip N’ Dip” video was super dope, how did you guys decide you were going to parallel the storyline of the “Head Splitter” music video?

Getter: I’m a big fan of music videos that tell stories, and I feel like there aren’t enough out there anymore. So I wanted to sort of extend the story out so they can both be more than just some trippy shit. And I knew from the start that Nick would be perfect because he’s very physical with his comedy and acting, and that’s useful for a video with no script.

One last thing- lay out Miami Music Week 2016 in one sentence.

Getter: I want to party with DJ Khaled and have the best set of the weekend.