Fans conflicted over ‘Stranger Things 4’ finale after discovering a lot of the lines were improvised

Stranger Things The Last Supper
Image via Netflix

Part two of Stranger Things 4 was released on Friday and fans have been going nuts over it ever since. Even Part one, which was released on May 27th, hit hard with viewing rates and social media interaction, which wasn’t too surprising considering how long we’ve been waiting for this new season. After Part two premiered, the creators of the series, the Duffer brothers, took to Twitter to tell fans which lines and moments from the series had been improvised. After going through all of the tweets, it seems like a lot of fan favorite moments were improvised by the actors rather than actually written by the Duffer brothers.

Spoilers ahead for ‘Stranger Things 4’.

One of the new characters of the season, Eddie Munson, quickly became a fan favorite. Played by Joseph Quinn, he was part of the Hellfire Club and basically took Dustin under his wing as he tried to navigate high school, which as we all know can be dangerously hard. People fell in love with the idea of him, so when he was killed off it hurt. One of the best scenes though, came when Eddie told Dustin, “I love you, man.” According to the Duffer brothers, this line was added in by Quinn and not a written part of the scene. Talk about heartache!

Another powerful moment that was improvised was the Jopper (Joyce and Hopper) kiss. Fans have been waiting to see these two together and while it wasn’t scripted, Winona Ryder (Joyce) and David Harbour (Hopper) knew what had to be done and gave the fans exactly what they wanted.

It’s been confirmed that multiple other moments were improvised by the many talented actors on set, but what’s really great is the fans’ reactions to these moments and finding out they weren’t written by the Duffer brothers at all. Some were excited about it, giving much deserved kudos to the actors for being so invested in their characters while others were slightly annoyed that it seemed like all of the best parts weren’t even written in the script.

Some of the positive feedback on Twitter included;

Once again, Eddie Munson, a new fan favorite improvised “Don’t ya big boy” when talking to Steve, so Joe Keery and Maya Hawke had no idea it was coming. The reactions from them in response to Quinn’s improvisation are assumed to be genuine.

Where there’s positive feedback and opinions, there’s always negative too. Some Twitter users didn’t like that all of the seeming best moments weren’t even written into the show and instead had to be added last minute by the actors.

Twitter seems to be split right down the middle on if they loved the fact that scenes were improvised versus if they feel it was lazy writing on the Duffer brothers part. Season Four is the second to last Stranger Things season with the upcoming Season Five set to end the story for good, but there’s no news yet on when we should expect it, but according to the Duffers, the wait won’t be as long as we waited for this season.

Until then, you can rewatch Stranger Things 4 on Netflix now and see if you can spot the improvised lines.