Fans reveal how Batman would take them down in today’s hottest trend

batman begins
via Warner Bros.

Twitter is all abuzz with the latest trend, #BatmanTakesMeDown. What exactly is it? Well, comic scribe Gail Simone kick-started the trend with a thought-provoking tweet that asks Batman fans to describe how the Caped Crusader would “take them down” if they ever “went rogue.”

As we know, the Dark Knight likes to fight his way out of any given problem, especially when it concerns supervillains; If the Joker ever steps out of line, he gets a black eye, but how would Batman utilize our weaknesses to take us down? Well, Twitter has provided all those answers and some of them are hilarious.

Gail tweeted, “Okay. In the batcave, it is known that Batman has a file on each of us, individually, on how to take each of us out if we ‘go rogue.’ How does Batman take you down, in particular? Please use hashtag #BatmanTakesMeDown.”

Having received over 500 likes, over 270 quote tweets and hundreds of replies, Gail has successfully started a global trend and it’s a wholesome one at that. You might expect Batfans to provide purely comical answers to such a broad question, but the comic community has taken the task and ran with it, producing a wide array of answers from funny to insightful to downright absurd.

Some responses are even extremely clever, which only makes these trends even more entertaining. If nothing else, this fad has proven just easily Batman can take us all down if we ever turned to the dark side.

Even Gail herself joined in on the fun, sharing her own thoughts on the matter. Apparently, Batman takes her down by proving indefinitely that X-Men’s Cyclops doesn’t have heat vision. If the other answers weren’t obscure enough, hers takes the cake.

Everyone is invited to join in on this strangely informative trend. It could come in handy to know someone’s weakness, especially since we don’t have the good fortune of Bruce Wayne watching over us. Get involved using #BatmanTakesMeDown on Twitter.