Fans wonder, in between laughs, why Marvel still hasn’t fixed the CGI in ‘She-Hulk’

After taking in a mammoth plateful of series and movie announcements and a whole set of new trailers, Marvel fans should be stuffed to the brim. But that doesn’t mean they won’t spend the next few days doing what they do best: complaining about what they don’t like. And while many are praising the comedic bent of the new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer, they’re also tearing their hair out over the upcoming series values. CGI values that is.

The newest trailer has some great moments, including a hilarious bit of Shulkie breaking the fourth wall (something the character did on a regular basis during her solo series penned and illustrated by John Byrne). There’s also plenty of evidence that She-Hulk’s legal career in the show will follow storylines inspired by the acclaimed and hilarious run penned by Dan Slott. But fans still feel that the special effects of the show remain deeply mired in the so-called “uncanny valley.”

One user even name-checked Medusa from Marvel’s Inhumans series that briefly aired on ABC, that featured CGI so flimsy the show is barely even considered canon, Anson Mount cameos notwithstanding.

Others professed their like or even love of She-Hulk but still condemned the TV show’s overall look.

Another fan thought the new trailer was an improvement (although they weren’t fond of the dedication to Wednesday release dates in light of the upcoming Andor series).

Still, it seems like many fans are willing to give the show itself a chance bad CGI or not.

We’ll see if the show manages to get a fanbase, despite its FX budget, when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres on August 17 on Disney Plus.