First clip from Netflix’s ‘Sonic Prime’ animated series premieres

Image via Netflix.

The first-look clip for Netflix’s animated series, Sonic Prime, has made its premiere online.

With the box-office smash that was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, premiering to theaters last month, this new animated series could keep the momentum going for the blue blur to remain at the center of pop culture conversations. The clip was released via the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account.

According to the Fandom Sonic Wiki, it will be the first computer-animated show in the franchise since Sonic Boom and the first to premiere on a streaming service.

An official press release was also published on Netflix’s website last year, giving even more information about the series, including that it will premiere in 2022, will contain 24 episodes, and is touted as the hedgehog’s “journey of self-discovery and redemption” in an adventure to reclaim the fate of “a strange new multiverse.”

Fans of the franchise were obviously excited at the prospect of a new show centering on the video game character, who will be voiced by Deven Mack, according to IMDB.

“I LOVE HIM!!!” one fan wrote.

“The blue hedgehog is taking over the world once again,” another Twitter user wrote. “LOVE to see it.”

Another fan remarked how good the animation looks in the forthcoming show, adding, “THE SONIC HYPE TRAIN DOESN’T STOP.”

“Yo Sonic in Sonic Prime looking CLEAN!!!” another fan wrote.

We’re excited for the new show, especially considering the purported appearance of Lee Majdoub, who plays Agent Stone in the film franchise, as was listed in the IMDB page. However, we’re not entirely sure if this might end up being another Marvel Defenders-verse migration situation at some point in the future since streaming service Paramount Plus previously announced it would host a Knuckles spinoff TV show. It would only make sense if all the Sonic shows in the future were collected under one streaming entity at some future date.

For now, Netflix subscribers can look forward to Sonic Prime coming to the streaming service later this year.