First reactions to ‘The Black Phone’ tease a creepy serial killer horror

Image via Blumhouse

Early reviews for The Black Phone are helping the film ring in as one of the most-anticipated horror films of the year, and if the most recent bone-chilling trailer is any indication, then the reviewers are certainly accurate when describing the newest horror/thriller. Director Scott Derrickson teamed up with Blumhouse Productions to create a film adaptation based on a 2004 short story from author Joe Hill — and early reviews are indicating that the movie is way more sinister than initially expected.

The Black Phone stars Ethan Hawke as a menacing serial killer known as “The Grabber,” who eventually kidnaps 13-year-old Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) and confines the young boy to his basement. While captured, Finney discovers a black phone that allows him to communicate with The Grabber’s previous victims, who tirelessly attempt to help him escape.

Over on Twitter, several critical reactions have praised Ethan Hawke’s “terrifying” performance and applauded Thames’ “excellent” work as Finney. Other critics described it as a ”brutally violent,” and “deeply disturbing” film that promises startling jump scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can check out the plethora of reviews below:

It remains to be seen just how horrifying the Ethan Hawke vehicle will truly be, but based on a small collection of reviews, the film already boasts a Certified Fresh rating on the official Rotten Tomatoes website. While we await the audience’s overall response, horror fans can rest assured that a frightening experience is on the horizon.

Don’t miss the horror when The Black Phone arrives in theaters on June 24.