Flashpoint Batman And Reverse-Flash Are Back On This New DC Rebirth Cover

Batman Flashpoint

In issues #21 and #22 of Batman and The Flash, “The Button” crossover will shed some light on how Watchmen fits into the DC Rebirth Universe. What that will entail remains to be seen, but we do know that the bizarre appearance of The Comedian’s bloody button in the Batcave will be the focal point. Now, the lenticular cover for Batman #22 has been revealed and it raises even more questions about what’s to come here.

That’s because it features the shocking return of the Batman from the Flashpoint Universe and the pre-New 52 Reverse-Flash. When Barry Allen travelled back in time to stop Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother, a new timeline was created which saw Atlantis and the Amazons at war with each other and Thomas Wayne becoming Batman after the murder of his son, Bruce.

Could the Watchmen mystery be somehow tied to Flashpoint? It seems likely, especially as that’s when many heroes – including the recently returned Wally West – vanished. If Reverse-Flash and this Batman return, that’s going to shake up the DC Universe in a huge way, but there’s also another explanation here that’s important to consider.

At the end of Flashpoint, Reverse-Flash was killed by Batman and he wrote Bruce a letter which Barry Allen delivered in The New 52 timeline. As a result, it seems like this crossover will tie up all of the loose ends, meaning that this sure to be exciting crossover between Batman and The Flash is one that you won’t want to miss.