Game Of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon Teases Ramsay Bolton And Jon Snow’s Battle Of The Bastards

Game of Thrones season six reaches its conclusion in two weeks. But fans of HBO’s long-running fantasy know it’s the ninth episode of each season that holds the most twists and turns. With only a couple of days to go until that climactic episode, entitled “The Battle of The Bastards,” anticipation is mounting.

So much so that Iwan Rheon – who plays one of those illegitimate offspring Ramsay Bolton – has spoken to EW on which character he’d like Ramsay to meet. His answer should surprise absolutely no one.

“Anyone who has asked me, ‘Who would you like Ramsay to meet?’ My answer has always been, ‘Jon Snow,’” Rheon says. “He’s the antithesis of Ramsay. They’re almost a yin and a yang. They both come from such a similar place yet they’re so different. And even though they’re enemies, they’ve both risen so far as bastards, which is almost incomprehensible, and now they’re both here facing each other. They couldn’t be any more different, yet more similar.”

Snow and Bolton share a number of logistical similarities; they both came from humble beginnings and rose in power, but that’s where it ends. Bolton’s history for sadism and a complete lack of remorse is the exact opposite to Snow, who favors being a stand-up honorable gent at every given opportunity. It’s hard to picture Ramsay showing an ounce of compassion toward the Wildings.

However this faceoff plays out, it points toward an interesting fate for Snow. If it boils down to him and Ramsay, could he behave like a brute to save his own skin? We’ll find out this Sunday when Game of Thrones episode 9 airs on HBO at 9pm.