Gareth Emery And Ashley Wallbridge Remix Tritonal’s “Getaway”


When Gareth Emery fires on all cylinders, he’s certainly capable of quite impressive productions. I wasn’t enthralled with every track on his latest album, 100 Reasons To Live, but his and Ashley Wallbridge’s remix of Tritonal’s “Getaway” suggests that both artists have plenty of hits left to deliver.

Where the original version of “Getaway” utilized somewhat dated electro house sound design elements, Emery and Wallbridge’s remix follows an almost Prydz-like progression. Angel Taylor’s vocals are quickly eclipsed by a soaring synth arpeggio that elevates the energy of the arrangement.

Emery and Wallbridge are longtime collaborators, but their latest releases of note resulted from their EDM parodying artist project, CVNT5. However, it’s been three months since their last track (which featured DJ Khaled), so they might have just shelved it indefinitely.

Nonetheless, Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge’s remix of Tritonal’s “Getaway” shines for more than tongue-in-cheek gimmicks. After listening to it in the SoundCloud player above, look out for more music from either artist as festival season is now in full swing.