Get ready for Marvel’s ‘Wonder Man’ — and here’s who’s teaming up to deliver it

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton and Andrew Guest, a writer-producer of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, are joining forces to create a new live-action series based on Marvel Comics hero Wonder Man. Guest will write the series, while Cretton acts as executive producer.

The original Marvel Comics character of Wonder Man, aka Simon Williams, first appeared all the way back in The Avengers #9 in 1964. Williams was an industrialist who believed his company had been ruined by Tony Stark. Offered a chance of revenge by Baron Zemo, Williams underwent a series of treatments that endowed him with superhuman strength. He joined The Avengers with the intent of acting as a mole for Zemo and revenging himself on Stark. When Zemo traps the team and is about to kill them, Williams’ true nature reveals itself, and he sacrifices himself to save their lives.

Wonder Man has since returned to life (several times) and has been a recurring member of The Avengers ever since. The character has strong ties to his fellow Avengers Vision and The Scarlet Witch. His brain patterns served as the basis for Vision’s original android mind. When Vision was dismantled at one point, Williams began a relationship with The Scarlet Witch.

No indication has been given of what direction the show is going to take or who will be stepping into Wonder Man’s signature red safari jacket and shades (the most iconic of his many looks over the years). While there is certainly rich ore in the character’s background with The Avengers, Wanda is currently presumed dead, and the new Vision seen in the last episodes of Wandavision has been so far MIA in any projects since.

It may be that the show will explore Williams’ ties to Hollywood. Post his resurrection, the character began a career as an actor and a stuntman — a perfect job for someone who is nigh-invulnerable. Hollywood loves a show about Hollywood, and a superheroic send-up of the industry would be a natural fit for Guest, who not only has a deep background of working in successful comedies, but also has MCU bonafides as well, having worked as a consultant on Hawkeye.

In addition to Wonder Man, which is being developed as part of Cretton’s overall Marvel Studios deal, the director will also be working on the sequel for Shang-Chi.

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