The God Of Thunder Is One Step Closer To Being Worthy After Today’s The Unworthy Thor #4

Unworthy Thor

Thor has been unable to wield Mjolnir ever since the events of Original Sin, and with Jane Foster filling in for him as the new God of Thunder, the Odinson has been on the hunt for a new hammer ever since Secret Wars wrapped up. Well, in today’s issue of The Unworthy Thor #4, he finally got his hands back on the magical weapon.

The twist here, however, is that this Mjolnir is the one which once belonged to the Ultimate Thor. As you can see below, as Thor touches the hammer, we see a vision of The Unseen (Nick Fury’s new role in the Marvel Universe ever since he murdered The Watcher) stating that, “what began with a whisper now ends with thunder.”

That’s a pretty strong indication that Thor will once again hold Mjolnir, though it’s hard to say what that means for both his and Jane’s future. Recent rumblings have pointed to Marvel taking a back to basics approach to their storytelling with legacy heroes retaking their mantles, so chances are this is a step in that direction for the Odinson.

Remember that it was at the end of Civil War II when saw a vision of Thor holding his original Mjolnir, so that may spell doom for Jane’s tenure. Whatever happens to her, expect to get some answers about what’s next for the original God of Thunder when The Unworthy Thor #5 goes on sale on March 22nd.