Marvel Makes A Big Change To Groot In Infinity Countdown


When we think of the pop culture sensation that is the talking tree named Groot, there’s only one phrase that comes to mind, that being “I am Groot.” Having been expressed in a number of ways by Vin Diesel in a couple of films, the literal one hit wonder is either loved or hated by moviegoers and comic book readers alike.

Of course, whenever a major publisher rolls out their next big event, we naturally assume that alterations to the status quo be made right off the bat. In the case of Infinity Countdown, we’re seeing Groot receive a generous upgrade to his linguistic skills. In other words, Homer Simpson would say that he increased his “wordiness.”

Long story short, when the Guardians of the Galaxy came up against the Gardener, they found that he’d used a part of Groot to essentially terraform a whole planet into something that he could control. Of course, it was Groot who ultimately stood up to him, removing the poison that Loki had infected the antagonist with. Realizing that he’d been corrupted, the Gardener did a solid for the little hero, or, as Rocket so eloquently put it, restored “his factory settings.”

Soon after, Groot inflated to gigantic proportions before saying this to his comrades:

“Groot forgives the Gardener. But Groot will never allow the perversion of his limbs to wreak unintended havoc upon this — or any other — world!”

As was to be expected, Groot is now off to “smite his enemies,” namely his evil counterpart. To be fair, this is only but a fraction of what’s to be offered by Marvel’s new epic, but knowing that Groot is now an improved public speaker may inspire readers who were on the fence to pick up a copy of Infinity Countdown #1, which is now available in comic shops.