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‘Halloween Ends’ producer teases the future of the franchise

Could this really be the end of Michael Myers?

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Halloween Ends is set to tee up the final act of the decades-long battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers when it releases later this fall. The third and final film in a sequel trilogy following the events of the original 1978 John Carpenter film, Halloween Ends serves as a direct sequel to last year’s Halloween Kills, with 2018’s Halloween coming before that.

As mentioned, the film will seek to wrap up the conflict between an aged Laurie Strode and the infamous masked killer, bringing their stories to a conclusion. However, it’s hard to imagine a character as iconic as Myers being shelved forever, and while this may be the end of the Blumhouse run of Halloween, producer Jason Blum hinted in an interview with ScreenRant that this may not be the last we see of the Haddonfield terror.

“I didn’t say it’s gonna be the last Halloween movie. It’s our last Halloween movie. We have no more rights to make any more Halloween, so it goes back to Malek [Akkad] and what he does, only he knows, but we are done. This is our last one, and I think people will be very happy.”

Malek Akkad has served as an executive producer of all the Halloween films since 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, right through to 2018’s hybrid of sequel and reboot, keeping it in the family after his late father Moustapha had shepherded the series since the 1978 original until his death in 2005, having last produced 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection.

Halloween Ends releases in theaters on October 14.

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