Halo Wars Site Gets Plug Pulled On Dec. 15th

Update (Dec. 8th, 2010): News just came in today that Halo Wars stats will be remaining online. The only changes being made is that the Halo Wars and Halo Waypoint forums are being merged. Other than that, nothing will change.

Not even two years after its release, Cocopjojo, a member of the community moderation team at 343 Industries, announced that HaloWars.com will be closing indefinitely on December 15th, 2010. This will include the removal of leaderboards, stat-tracking, the official forums and essentially means the breakup of the community. The site will transition into the Halo Waypoint forums but that means there will be no dedicated section to the Real Time Strategy game, essentially dismantling the community.

This is a huge blow to fans of the widely successful console RTS as the community atmosphere in these genres is a totally different beast than the communities of the mass appeal FPS. And while players can continue to play the game after the December 15th date, any Halo fan knows how important stat-tracking is. Of course, the rabid fans are raging over this issue but what’s done is done. Better take snapshots of your stats and leaderboards before it’s gone.

In an effort to provide the Halo Wars community a lively, active, and well-moderated set of forums for discussion, we are soon going to be transitioning the Halo Wars forums to Halo Waypoint’s forums. What this means is that the Halo Wars site will be taken offline and we will ask all of you, if you’d like to continue discussing the game, to do so over at the home for all things Halo, Halo Waypoint.