Harley Quinn And Superman Lead The Way In DC’s Coolest Variant Covers For July


Although we still have much of June ahead of us and all the awesome comic books that it’ll no doubt bring, it doesn’t hurt to look ahead at what next month will offer. In fact, those of you who love scooping up variant covers will want to pay attention because DC is set to serve up some real eye-catchers with Harley QuinnSupermanBatman and several others.

First let’s talk about Harley Quinn #23, which features yet another solid effort from Frank Cho. Knowing that Amanda Conner continually brings her A-game each month with her standard covers, it takes a special kind of artist to have a friendly competition with her – and Cho’s recent works have been that damn good. This encapsulation of Harley and Ivy’s friendship just proves that.

Over in Superman #26, Jorge Jimenez pays homage to one of the most patriotic covers from the Golden Age with his frame-worthy variant. Stunning cover aside, it’s also worth noting that the originally solicited tale by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason has been pushed to #27, with #26 now being written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Scott Godlewski. Before we continue, here’s the updated solicitation:

Superman and Superboy’s teamwork is off and Clark is at a loss for how to fix it. Maybe an old trick Pa pulled when Clark was a boy might help get the father-son team get back on the right track!

Aside from those beauties, be sure to peruse the gallery at the top for the following variants: Batman #26 by Joshua Middleton, which strongly hints at the involvement of Poison Ivy; Shane Davis uniting the Dark Titans for Deathstroke #21; Oliver Queen and Barry Allen cruising along on the front of Green Arrow #26 by way of Otto Schmidt; and Brandon Peterson showing Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz coming to pieces for Green Lanterns #26.

So, do you agree with us in thinking that Harley Quinn and Superman may very well be the most awesome of variants for the month of July? Or do you dig one of the others like Green Arrow or Deathstroke? Sound off in the usual place below!

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