Hasbro denied James Gunn use of a Marvel character in all 3 ‘Guardians’ movies

Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanks to the advent of Marvel Studios and its in-house cinematic universe, not to mention Disney’s acquisition of Fox and the increasingly collaborative creative partnership with Sony, the comic book company has slowly but surely been regathering the rights to many of its highest-profile characters.

That being said, we’re still a long way away from the entire back catalogue being at Kevin Feige’s disposal, something James Gunn knows all too well. Having previously explained why the MCU can’t utilize cult favorite character Rom the Space Knight, the filmmaker has now revealed that he’s been denied another unsung hero on three occasions.

Taking to Twitter to settle an argument among fans, the Guardians of the Galaxy director dropped the bombshell that he’s wanted Bug to be part of all three cosmic superhero blockbusters, but Hasbro own the rights.

That’s an almost identical situation to Rom, with Hasbro controlling the intellectual rights to the character, while Marvel own the stories he appeared in, which is enough to make your head spin. Unless something changes between the two parties, we’ll never be seeing Bug join the rest of the intergalactic misfits in the MCU, because there are still some things even the all-powerful Feige can’t get his hands on.