High school boots substitute teacher for doing Britney Spears karaoke in classroom

Austin sub sings Toxic in class

A substitute teacher in Austin, Texas, filling in for a high school, was asked to leave his post early after performing a Britney Spears song on a karaoke machine in front of his class.

The sub was filling in for a Bowie High School teacher when one of the students recorded the video. The recorded footage shows the young substitute mid-way through Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” surrounded by brilliant, colorful lights. After the footage reached school administrators, the unidentified sub was asked to leave early.

A representative from the Austin Independent School District said the substitute was asked to leave after first period because he “wasn’t following [the school’s] best practices.”

“I’ve heard worse Britney Spears covers, but the lights are a bit much,” an AISD spokesperson told KXAN.

The teacher’s cover is honestly pretty solid. He belts out the lyrics to “Toxic” with surprising skill, committing fully to some of the song’s more challenging notes. He reportedly got through another song on the karaoke machine before being asked to leave by administrators.

The man, who was confirmed by district administrators to be a registered substitute, went on to secure a different subbing gig at Austin High School.