Horror fans celebrate XX years since the release of ‘Jason X’

Jason X

Jason Vorhees is one of the most recognizable villains in horror and he reigns as the central character of the Friday the 13th franchise, which has spawned twelve films in total — with Jason X serving as an underrated installment that often gets overlooked in comparison to the franchise’s earlier movies. In Jason X, the grisly formula from the ‘80s is replaced by a more furitistic, campy version that presents Jason in, yes, you’ve guessed it — space!

Now, 20 years have passed since the sci-fi slasher first engaged fans with its over-the-top impalement and witty utilization of liquid nitrogen, and folks are gravitating toward Twitter to express their delight with a film that continues to be viewed as a guilty pleasure by many.

One user recalled watching the slasher film twice in theaters and viewing it as a “fun” experience.

Another user pointed out that the movie was the last in the original franchise, and the last to include fan-favorite Kane Hodder, who continues to be heavily associated with Jason.

Horror website Bloody Disgusting also expressed delight for the entertaining movie, mentioning that the film gave birth to Uber Jason — an unreleased skin that was almost available in the Friday the 13th video game.

Another passionate user posted an incredible fan art drawing of Jason Vorhees in Jason X, while proclaiming the film as the best entry in the entire series.

In recent years, the Friday the 13th franchise has been at a standstill, where the ongoing lawsuit between Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller only came to an end just a few months ago. With the lawsuit finally over, it will certainly be interesting to see if a new movie surrounding horror villain Jason Vorhees will emerge.