Ian Somerhalder Helps Ketel One Vodka Answer A Gentleman’s Call

Actor Ian Somerhalder is teaming up with Ketel One vodka for a new, and rather interesting contest. The prestigious vodka company is offering the gentlemen of today’s world an opportunity to showcase their game changing ideas with “A Gentleman’s Call: In Pursuit of an Idea that Matters.”

“The idea of a gentleman is one of awareness, confidence and compassion. Helping to  support an initiative that is based on those ideals is an honor and I look forward to seeing the evolution of this quest reach its full potential,” says Somerhalder.

The campaign is a nationwide search for an original idea that “champions the lifestyle of the modern gentleman.” Ketel One is looking, specifically, for inspiration or endeavor that will raise society’s behavioral bar.

If you head on over to the official website, you can check out more details. The contest ends on the 29th of July and over on their site, five projects will be selected. Out of the five, there will be one grand prize winner chosen by consumers across the country. If that grand prize winner happens to be you, Ketel One will give you $100,000 to invest to turn your idea into a reality.

Along with Somerhalder, the company is also teaming with Co-Founder and CEO of the Movember Foundation, Adam Garone and celebrated actor Carlos Ponce, to help run the contest.

Overall, it sounds pretty interesting and some of the ideas that have been submitted so far are pretty neat, my favorite being the “Free the Internet” idea. If you’re the creative type, and have a winning idea, go on and enter.

You never know, your call may be answered by Ketel One.