J.K. Rowling doxxed: “I’ve now received so many death threats I could paper the house with them”

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has recounted to her almost 14 million followers on Twitter how she and her family were the targets of a doxxing late last week. In the lengthy play-by-play on social media, the author details how, last Friday, three “activist actors” took selfies of themselves in front of her home, “carefully positioning themselves to ensure that [Rowling’s] address was visible.”

For folks not familiar with the term, doxxing describes the act of intentionally revealing identifying information about an individual (usually one in the public eye) with the aim of inciting acts of a malicious nature. The motive behind such behavior, at least in this instance, is no doubt a result of Rowling’s commentary on gender identity, specifically in relation to trans women, which have been heavily criticized for being transphobic.

The controversy has not only resulted in actors from the film franchise adaptation of Harry Potter taking steps to distance themselves from the author but also distributor Warner Bros. not including her in its upcoming anniversary celebrations.

Rowling’s supporters have kicked up a stink over the omission, believing she deserves to be recognized as the creator of the Wizarding World, while the counterargument posits that she deserves no such thing. Regardless of the situation, doxxing is a cowardly and careless act, regardless of the target, and can put innocent lives in danger. Rowling may deserve to be criticized for her misguided comments, but this, as always, is a step much too far.