Rotterdam to dismantle bridge for Jeff Bezos’ superyacht

Jeff Bezos
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The world’s wealthiest people often get flack online for their behavior, and top of that list is Jeff Bezos, who has decided that not even a beloved, historic landmark will stand between him and enjoying a brand-new superyacht.

The AFP recently reported the Amazon founder’s newest superyacht is having trouble getting out to sea in the Netherlands port city of Rotterdam and so as a result, the iconic Koningshaven Bridge will be partially dismantled for his 417-foot vessel, dubbed Y271, to get out of a nearby shipyard and onto the high seas. The behemoth is too big to squeeze under the bridge as is, and so the center section of the piece, which is a national monument, will be briefly removed.

While Bezos is paying for the operation and city officials did tell the AFP things will end up going back to the way they were before, people are not happy with the operation. On Twitter, many referenced issues with how Amazon reportedly treats many of its warehouse workers, and some wanted the story to be an early April Fool’s prank.

Koningshaven Bridge dates back to 1878, survived attacks from the Nazis during the Second World War, and was previously renovated from 2014-17. Officials promised it would not be dismantled again after. Once Bezos’ boat is ready, it will take weeks to pass the bridge, and the operation to get it to him will be carried out over the summer.