Justin Mylo Wants Your Help Thinking Of A Name For This Wonky New ID


Spinnin’ Records has come to favor a stylistic fusion between progressive house and bass house that hardly any of its signees can execute tastefully, but Justin Mylo is certainly on that list. Song titles apparently aren’t his forte, however, as he’s opted to crowdsource the name for the new ID he’s previewed.

The track features the frequency modulated bass lines of future and bass house, but incorporated into a progressive house framework. Trademark Justin Mylo quirks in the arrangement make it sound like circus music from the future, but as a whole it plainly and simply works.

The term “ID” is typically used to describe an unreleased or otherwise unidentifiable song ripped from a mix or live set recording, so you have to wonder if Spinnin’ used the term to build a sort of mystique. Being that Mylo comes up with titles like “Bouncy Bob” when left to his own devices, however, we’ll forgive him for appropriating the term to that end.

Tell us, what do you think the name of Justin Mylo‘s new track ought to be? If he likes your idea the best, you might just see it on the listing when Spinnin’ Records releases it on July 28th.