Kaskade Tells Disenchanted Fans What Good Music Is


For a while we started thinking we were going a little too hard on Kaskade, but it looks like we weren’t the only ones who felt the way we did. You might remember when we railed on his Skylar Grey remix, or when we encouraged him to play it safe by sticking to deadmau5 collaborations – but it looks as though his fan base never shared our sentiments more than when we condemned his  remix of Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s “Where Are Ü Now,” because the progressive house superstar had to take to Facebook to defend it.

Lots of people discovering my music these days so I will explain some things to you. I see here all sorts of folks bent out of shape cuz I remixed a pop song with the Biebs. So – this is how I do it. Close your eyes and listen to the music. Do you like the song? I do.

I don’t really care who is singing it. If the song is good and I like it and I have time and they ask – I remix it. I am about the music. Now – if you have a problem with the kid personally that’s on you. That is your problem and I will let you handle that. Ask yourself this – if you didn’t know it was him singing would you like it? Yep, you would cuz it’s good. Nobody likes a liar. And now…it’s time for tacos.

While it’s easy enough to get behind the principle of what Kaskade said to defend his choice of remix, we’ll point out that we spoke ill of the remix more for its recycled future house bass line; the Bieber/Jack Ü side of it was simply indicative of a bigger issue plaguing dance music.

No matter how fully DJs become the rock stars of our era, the best ones will always play the crowd – not try to employ jedi mind tricks to convince them what “good” music is. If the fans are getting fed up enough with the tripe that the guys at the top are trying to pass off as music, they’ll move onto something more sincere. Suffice it to say, we already have.