Kaskade And ZHU Remix “In The Morning”

zhu-kaskade-in-the-morning (1)

Last week, ZHU posted the mysterious image above, leading many to believe that the producer had an upcoming collaboration with Kaskade in the works. Sure enough, that turned out to be correct. However, what we have isn’t an original. Rather, it’s a remix of ZHU’s “In The Morning.”

It’s not too far removed from what we heard back in February when the track first dropped, but Kaskade has certainly given the song a bit more of a kick, knocking up the tempo slightly and adding in some more groove while still retaining the cool, dreamy vibe that ZHU first injected into the original.

Overall, it’s a solid effort and we can definitely say that we’re into it. It might not have been the original collab we were all hoping for, but when it comes to these two, we’ll take what we can get.

Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think of the remix. Are you digging it, or were you hoping for an original from the two producers?