ZHU Reveals Neon City Tour Dates Alongside “In The Morning” Video


There was no question that ZHU‘s Neon City tour date announcements would accompany new music. And, as promised, the master of non-marketing has revealed the dates along with his first release since the Genesis Series.

“In the Morning” is ZHU to the T. A dissonant piano progression bleeds into a foreboding house groove balanced by polarized melodies on the high and low ends, and chilling vocal musings inject a measure of attitude into the arrangement.

Meanwhile, the music video itself makes the track more subversive than anything the cryptic artist has put out since 2014’s “Cocaine Model.” Not-so-subliminal imagery which borders on sexual and even perhaps menstrual themes add a layer of controversy to the already unsettling tone of the song.

If we know ZHU like we think we know him, “In the Morning” will be but the first of many releases leading up to his tour, the dates of which you can check out below.