Katie Couric Declares Skrillex King Of The Dubstep


It’s impossible to deny the impact that bass music icon Sonny Moore A.K.A. Skrillex has had on EDM. The former From First To Last frontman left an imprint on the movement during the dubstep breakthrough of 2010 so lasting that it has carried him into mainstream superstardom, and even though I don’t celebrate everything he’s released with Diplo under their Jack Ü project as much as his older releases, I can’t deny that he’s deserving of what success he’s achieved.

However, claiming that he’s “king of the dubstep” as Katie Couric did in their recent, exclusive interview gives him a little undue credit – and demonstrates less attention to syntax than I’d expect from Yahoo Global News.

First of all, while there’s no general consensus on who the most popular or prolific dubstep artist is, some of the genre’s founders from the FWD>> parties of the early 2000s (like Skream or Mala, if your knowledge of dubstep only goes as far back as Bassnectar’s post-Mesmerizing the Ultra discography) would be more likely to win my vote. Really, anybody who’s still making dubstep would be a better candidate than Skrillex, as he’s taken to reinforcing negative stereotypes associated with trap music these days.

…Oh, and at one point Skrillex tells Couric that her body is amazing. So there’s that.

Katie Couric’s exclusive interview with Skrillex does go on to delve into a lot of interesting topics, though, so check it out above and tell us what you think in the comments section below.