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Kevin Sorbo adds more layers to an already conspiracy-laden Disney reject

There's no way people actually believe this.

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Sound of Freedom is still raking in the cash, but it looks like a few theaters have had trouble screening the movie, leading some to believe there’s a conspiracy against the film.

The film came from practically nowhere and has been wiping the floor with its competition. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and The Flash have all been left utterly humiliated by the film’s runaway success. However, Sound of Freedom is not without its own controversy.

Why the controversy?

The Rolling Stone put it best when it referred to the film as a “QAnon tinged thriller,” that’s pretty much the perfect summary. Suffice to say the story tries to appeal to a more right wing audience in many aspects. The whole QAnon conspiracy theory essentially suggests that there is a “cabal” of satan-worshiping democrats and celebrities who are also child traffickers. It’s a notorious right wing theory, but completely baseless and somewhat harmful. 

To top things off, the film’s lead actor, Jim Caviezel, has decided to lean even more into the QAnon stuff on podcasts and interviews – which has upset a few viewers. Combine that with the contentious “inspired by true events” tag that many have taken issue with, and you start to see why some might have a problem with this film.

What’s the conspiracy?

Despite all that, the film is doing well. Although conspiracy theorists believe that a more left-leaning audience or perhaps even the cabal are sabotaging Sound of Freedom’s success. One TikTok shows an audience being asked to leave due to technical issues during one of the film’s screenings. Surprisingly many people think that the theater was trying to stop people from watching this unwanted Disney project. Much like the QAnon conspiracy, this is a baseless theory. 

Screengrab via Twitter

And now Kevin Sorbo, known for appearing in a bunch of made-for-TV Christian films, has added his two cents to the situation and let me tell you, his two cents don’t make any sense.

“They will try to offer refunds so the profits don’t go towards the box office.”

Yes, Kevin – theater chains are apparently so outraged by this film they’re willing to forego making a profit just so Sound of Freedom doesn’t overtake Indiana Jones 5 at the box office. Unfortunately, big business isn’t principled enough to do such a thing, it was probably just a technical issue. But that hasn’t stopped people from just taking Kevin’s word for it.

“They’ll more than make it up when they release it on DVD, but that’s terrible.  I have no idea why the left hates this movie so much.”


I’d say that’s evil, but that’s totally obvious.”

“I’m gonna go watch it today, my daughter wants to see it. I highly doubt it’ll be messed with in Oklahoma but I’ll report if it was.”

Listen; there is no conspiracy to destroy this film’s reputation, whilst it’s inconvenient, technical difficulties do happen. The film has already well surpassed its budget and gone on to become one of the most successful films this year. How anyone could argue there’s some kind of conspiracy to silence the Sound of Freedom weeks after the fact is beyond me. But there you go, that’s a glimpse into the mind of a QAnon believer.

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