Khloe Kardashian use of ‘betrayal’ on social media backfires, gets her ratio’d

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Khloé Kardashian certainly made a statement with her latest social media posts, but what exactly she’s trying to say may have gotten lost in translation.

On Thursday, the Good American co-founder posted a series of sultry snaps of herself wearing a skintight nude bodysuit and a pair of high-heeled, over-the-knee Gucci boots to both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies,” Kardashian noted.

Between the obvious revenge body photos and not-so-cryptic caption, one would have to imagine that Khloé was making an obvious jab at her ex, Sacramento Kings center Tristan Thompson. She split with the NBA player for a second time back in June 2021; however, it came out in December that Thompson had fathered a child with 31-year-old personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Though the couple was already split up when the news went public, the infidelity had taken place in March, when he and Kardashian were still together.

Earlier this month, Thompson confirmed he was the father of Nichols’ baby after getting the paternity test results back on his Instagram story, which likely only added insult to injury.

It’s difficult not to feel a shred of compassion for Khloé Kardashian, but also, does she know what “betrayal” means? Yes, it’s true, betrayal rarely comes from your enemies because the word is defined as the “violation of a person’s trust or confidence, of a moral standard.”

As such, Kardashian soon began trending on Twitter as people couldn’t wait to point out her mixup. “What do you think the word BETRAYAL means Khloe?” tweeted one user.

“TF you think betrayal means?” added another user pointedly.

One user made a reference to the fact that Kardashian was considering surrogacy to have a second child with Thompson between cheating scandals.

Another user joked that the betrayal “is that damn Photoshop.”

Other people noticed that Khloé’s hand and manicure looked exceptionally pale and sharp in the photos, leading everyone to make the same joke about chicken feet.

“We get the whole betrayal situation but WTF is going on here,” quipped one user.

Another zoomed in on her hand and said it looked like “what I imagine lives under my bed and grabs my ankles in my sleep.” Seriously, how do you get anything done with those nails??

Perhaps, Khloé’s ire was once again triggered when video footage went viral this week seemingly showing Thompson out at a club with yet another woman. “Saw it with my own two eyes. Zero respect for this trash,” wrote TikTok user Tricia Caracoza.


Saw it with my own two eyes. Zero respect for this trash. #tristanthompson #khloekardashian #garbage #fyp #elfitup

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Adding credence to this theory is a story Us Weekly ran earlier on Thursday, which just so happened to have coincided with the photos. The piece claims that Khloé is much “stronger” than she was the previous times Thompson had cheated on her.

“[Khloé] is stronger this time around when it comes to Tristan,” a source told the publication. “Since she has been hurt by him before, she’s hardened and is not as sad and torn up about it this time.”

Clearly, she’s handling things just great and is so obviously above all the noise. Good for her!

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