‘Climate Criminal’ Kylie Jenner attempts everyday peoplehood with a Target spree TikTok

Fresh from the flames of an internet backlash that has branded her an ecological disaster, Kylie Jenner is attempting a whiplash rebranding of her public image by going on a Target shopping spree and filming it for TikTok. Just like normal, real humans do.


surprise target trip with my girls

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The reality star caught a healthy dose of social media flames when she posted a photo on Instagram of her embracing her partner, Travis Scott in between the couple’s two private jets. While Jenner was initially criticized for the gross display of her family’s fortunes she quickly became branded a climate criminal when the online conversation shifted to the fact that Jenner uses her jet like most people call an Uber, taking flights of ridiculously short lengths and creating a carbon footprint like a Sasquatch.

While she hasn’t responded directly to the criticism, Jenner has limited comments on her original post and now seems to be using social media to pivot from wealthy elite to totally ordinary Kylie who shops at Target with her kids just like all the rest of us do. One hopes she shopped locally and didn’t have Kylie Air (yes, her private jet has a name) zoom her over to the Super Target in Van Nuys for another three-minute flight.

Although Kylie and her kids’ visit to Target doesn’t seem to have raised as many eyebrows as her all too jet-setty travel plans have people are still not really buying the shift from Kardashian Kajillionaire to Bargain-Hunting Proletarian as quickly as she might like and Jenner is still receiving massive media side-eye.

Jenner may need to find a harder “Celebrities! They’re Just Like You” flex to shake off her gargantuan carbon footprint. We offer the following self-help video in support.