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Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ News: People lose their cool over Elizabeth Olsen fan art as other viewers find new creative ways to roast Ser Criston

Will the Scarlet Witch make her fantasy debut through 'House'?

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We’ve barely been introduced to the two new leads replacing Rhaenyra and Alicent in House of the Dragon, and only just adjusted to the staggering 10-year time jump the show made between episodes five and six, but some fans are already looking beyond season one and towards when the ensemble will have to go through another shift.

On other fronts, some parts of the community are trying too hard to make fun of Ser Criston Cole and his hypocritical dispositions. Not that we blame them, precisely, but we could’ve sworn they were ready to leap to his defense when he was just a shining knight in armor riding a dun stallion.

Check out all of this and more in today’s roundup of Game of Thrones developments below.

‘House’ fans begging those Elizabeth Olsen rumors are true after epic fan art

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A while ago, it was reported that Elizabeth Olsen and Henry Cavill were in talks to join House of the Dragon somewhere down the line. HBO has yet to comment on these rumors, but their very existence has wheeled the fandom into hype overdrive. Many are practically on the verge of ferociously campaigning for their inclusion even if the television network hasn’t even thought of it, and this latest fan art depicting them in Targaryen garb isn’t helping folks simmer down either. Your move, HBO.

What exactly happened to Laena Velaryon in episode 6?

House of the Dragon Laena Velaryon
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One thing a lot of people take issue with when watching Game of Thrones is the sheer number of protagonists and side characters that you need to keep track of in order to make sense of the narrative. House is perhaps no different in this regard, but we may have just glimpsed that case taken to a new extreme during last Sunday’s sixth episode, with Laena Velaryon barely getting enough screentime to herself before being burned to cinders. Quite literally in this case, so if you have trouble understanding what exactly went down between her and Daemon, here’s a brief explainer.

As likely as not inadvertent ‘phallic imagery’ makes fun of Ser Criston’s wavering loyalties

Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole in House of the Dragon
Image via HBO

Ser Criston Cole is the very image of gallantry and valor in a cliché Medieval story. Or so we thought. After failing to persuade Princess Rhaenyra to give everything up and run away with him, as you do, the character quickly shifted his allegiance when he realized his honor was sullied for apparently no reason. Except, of course, Criston has only one person to blame for this debacle: Criston. Amid fans roasting the character for having his eyes on another woman now, and a very metaphorical stiffening to go along with it, we simply can’t have any empathy for the disgraced knight.

That’s all for now, but tune in tomorrow for more developments from the world of the Seven Kingdoms.

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