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Latest ’Yellowstone’ News: Cole Hauser shares a season 5 snap, while Finn Little gives us a behind-the-scenes look at life on the ranch

It’s the latest and greatest in ‘Yellowstone’ news!

Members of the Yellowstone cast flank Kevin Costner, who wields a shovel
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Happy Sunday, all you Colby and Teeters out there! While the end of the weekend is certainly never our favorite thing to celebrate, we do have some Yellowstone news to share that should turn that weekend-ending frown upside down. We shared yesterday that the 1923 universe is getting an incredible new cast member in the form of Robert Patrick, and that you can bring Yellowstone to game nights this fall. Today’s news is focused more on behind-the-scenes looks at the series we all know and love, and who doesn’t love a new picture of Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler?

So take a load off your cowboy boot-wearing feet and grab a guitar for a campfire sing-along while we bring you the latest in Taylor Sheridan’s universe!

Cole Hauser is working through the weekend

Rip Wheeler doesn’t know what it means to take a day off; protecting the Dutton family is a full-time job, after all. Cole Hauser, who breathes life into everyone’s favorite ranch hand and cowboy, is sharing a behind-the-scenes snap of a day in the life at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. 

Hauser is a next-level actor in every role he takes on, but his dedication to Rip Wheeler is almost hard to put into words. Hauser has said on several occasions that he loves the story they’re telling in Yellowstone. From his relationship with John to his ever-evolving romance with Beth, he loves being Rip as much as we love seeing him as the cowboy. 

We’ll be introduced to a married Rip Wheeler when the series returns in November, and we can’t wait to see what being a hubby looks like on him. Although, we’re sure it’ll be perfection like everything else he does!

Finn Little shows us some behind the scenes snaps

Finn Little is still gifting fans insight into the fifth season with behind-the-scenes snaps. The cast is filming the exciting season now, so they’re spending a lot of time at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. From the horses and the cattle to time at the bunkhouse, it looks like it will be as beautiful a season as we’re used to and then some.

The next season is also one that fans are being told to anticipate with an element of surprise. Every season brings several surprises with it, but this one is said to start off with quite a shock. Will that mean we’ll be a few years into the future? Will we see John Dutton in his new role as governor? Will we see the battle for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch revved up most intensely? They’re still keeping secrets for now, but the teaser trailer promises that all of their secrets will be revealed, and the Duttons sure know how to keep a secret.

Little’s Instagram shot is an ariel snap of Walker sitting on the ranch, as fans can tell from his unique cowboy hat. When we last saw him, he said that he missed the 6666 Ranch in Texas, and we’re not quite sure he’s confident in his place at the Yellowstone. He’s pledged his loyalty to the Duttons, and we know he’ll be in their presence for a while.

Forrie J. Smith praises fans for their donations

Forrie J. Smith participated in a weekend charitable event to benefit Ann and Cory Efta in Baker, Montana. Smith met Cory and Ann through their daughter, who wrote him an emotional letter during a meet and greet. The two kept in contact with Smith encouraging her through the ups and downs of her life. Cory and Ann are her foster parents who had fallen on hard times financially and in their health.

Smith decided to put on the benefit to raise money for the family, and he also auctioned off a signed bottle of Oak and Eden. To join in on the fun, those who wished to meet Smith could donate to the family. He was able to raise money for the family so they could move forward through difficult times, a true testament to his cowboy heart. Smith knows that having a platform allows him to help others, and he takes full advantage of that.

Smith’s character, Lloyd, is a heck of a cowboy too, and while he’s got a tough exterior, he’s always willing to help someone out too.

You can see Little, Hauser, and Smith on Yellowstone in the series’ first four seasons, now streaming on Peacock. Here’s to our favorite ranch hands and a lazy Sunday afternoon to watch Yellowstone.

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