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Latest ’Yellowstone’ News: Denim Richards shares his affinity for playing Colby as fans wonder why Jamie made this season 2 decision

From Colby’s persona to Jamie’s life altering decision, there’s a lot to talk about in the Yellowstone universe.

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Happy Saturday, Yellowstone fans; it’s a lovely weekend to relax and get reacquainted with all things Dutton in your quest to prepare for the epic season five premiere happening on Nov. 13. While it’s a slower day on the ranch, there’s still work to be done and fun to uncover in Taylor Sheridan’s universe! Some lucky fans are seeing the season five premiere of Yellowstone in select AMC theaters tonight alongside the premiere of Tulsa King. If you can’t make it to a theater, don’t fret; we’re nearly two weeks from new episodes on Paramount, and we’ve still put together a great round-up for you today. This includes Denim Richards talking about breathing life into the ranch hand we all love, Colby. You know the drill from here, grab your favorite drink and your Dutton-loving bestie, and let’s ride in. 

Denim Richards talks bringing Colby to life 

Denim Richards, who plays Colby on our favorite cowboy drama, has been taking to Instagram with motivational videos he posts throughout the week. On Wednesday evening, he went live to chat with fans about everything from his content creation to his acting role in Taylor Sheridan‘s series Yellowstone.

During his live video, he asked fans to post questions for him to answer so they could have a conversation with one another. Richards was asked about playing the role of Colby and how he felt he could relate to the character.

“I love Colby, Colby’s great — he’s a ride or die and ya, know, myself I think he does things that I’ve always wanted to do which is not think so much about certain consequences and he loves to be able to just go with it but he is very very loyal and I like to think that I’m loyal as well sometimes to a fault. I stay in things far too long because I always think I can fix something and the reality of it is — don’t be arrogant. There’s a lot of arrogance with that as well about fixing things.”

When he spoke about loyalty, fans quickly realized that Richard does bring a lot of himself to the character of Colby. He is a guy both on screen and off who cares about others, wants to put his best foot forward, and tries to provide a sense of camaraderie between himself and those he loves.

Colby is a fan-favorite character, and we can’t wait to see more of his ride through the Yellowstone Dutton ranch when season five premieres next month. 

Fans reflect on Jamie dropping out of the race for Attorney General

One of the stand out storylines in Yellowstone is that of Jamie and his ups and downs as he runs for political office. Jamie and his father have a tempestuous relationship, and John quickly puts him in his place when Jamie steps out of line.

One way John did that in season two was when he made Jamie step down from the race for Attorney General. A fan on Reddit questioned the reasoning behind this, and others were quick to respond in the comment section. 

Their relationship is tumultuous for several reasons, but the main one is that there is always a sense of strain between Jamie and John. Jamie is one of the most self-serving characters in the series and is the least likely to stand up for the Dutton family name, at least in the way John expects him to. 

He does up for the Dutton family in ways that he can, but as fans discover throughout the series, it is usually after he has done something to soil the family name. 

Yellowstone rewind: season 3, episode 5 

You’ll need tissues when you sit down to watch one of Yellowstone’s most emotional episodes, “Cowboys and Dreamers.” 

It’s here that we find out the reason for the strain in the relationship between Beth and Jamie.  In a series of flashbacks, we see Beth asking Jamie for help with a problem that she’s too scared to talk about with anybody else. At first, Jamie doesn’t realize the severity of the situation, but once he does, he knows there’s only one place he can take his sister for help. Of course, once they get to the health center on the Indian reservation, he quickly realizes that things are more critical than he initially anticipated.

Beth has found out that she’s pregnant, and Jamie is supposed to take her to get an abortion; the problem is, he knows that if they go anywhere in town, people will recognize them immediately. 

So when he takes her to the health clinic on the reservation and explains who they are, the woman at the desk tells him he needs to take his sister somewhere else. When Jamie tells the woman that he can’t take Beth anywhere else because of their family name, she tells him that part of the procedure they perform at the clinic will lead to sterilization.  Jamie tells her it’s okay and goes to the car to get Beth without explaining the second part of the equation. Beth goes through with the procedure and has no idea that Jamie has sealed her fate without letting her have a say in the decision. 

Fans have long been able to tell that the relationship between Beth and Jamie is one rooted and distrust, but we never fully understood why until this point. The realization also allows fans to understand Beth in a new way as we are given insight into how Jamie‘s choice took away bets ability to make her own. 

Of course, there’s a lot more to unpack in this episode, but it’s one of the central parts of not just season three but the series and its entirety. Beth is a character who acts out of anger and hurt, and it is not hard to understand why when you realize all of the things she experienced at a young age. 

Speaking of Beth, this episode also gives us one of the most quotable reactions she has in a conversation with one of the Dutton family’s enemies. You know the one we’re talking about; it’s the moment when Beth says, “You are the trailer park, and I am the tornado.”

Beth Dutton certainly is a tornado, and she’s not scared to wreak havoc on anyone who dares mess with herself or her father and their family name.

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