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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: It’s all things Dutton for Halloween this year as we’ve picked the horror must-watch for Yellowstone fans tonight

Happy Halloween, Dutton fans!

Happy Halloween, Yellowstone fans, and welcome to our daily round-up of all things Dutton in the Taylor Sheridan universe. With less than two weeks until the season five premiere of Yellowstone, we’re focused on taking in everything from the Dutton’s story so we can prepare for what’s to come. The future for John Dutton and his family and ranch hands will be exciting, but there will undeniably be a sense of darkness and despair hanging above them — which is nothing new, right? That’s all for another day, though, because today — we’re talking Yellowstone and Halloween. From the fans who are dressed up as their favorite characters to a must-see movie starring two of Yellowstone’s most infamous characters, it’s a spooky day here for all of us. So grab your favorite Halloween treat and your costume, and let’s ride in. 

It’s all things Dutton this Halloween

The Yellowstone Instagram account shares snaps of fans dressed up as the Duttons for Halloween. The costume choice is a popular one every year. With an exciting and ever-evolving fifth season on the horizon, fans are showing off their love for Yellowstone more prominently than ever before. 

One of the most well-loved costume choices is Rip and Beth, but we’ve also got a series of Teeters, Colbys, Johns, Kayces, and Monicas walking around this Halloween too. 

Our favorite snap has to be the one where even the dogs are involved; we know the four-legged family members in our homes love Yellowstone as much as we do! 

If you want to be wowed by the creativity of viewers everywhere, check out the Instagram story from our favorite cowboy drama today, and if you didn’t get your costume in order for this spooky season, there’s always next year. The Duttons are certainly never going out of style. 

We’ve found the perfect scary movie for Yellowstone fans 

If you’re missing some of the characters in Yellowstone but want to make today a spooky day, we’ve got you covered. Did you know that two of Yellowstone’s polar opposite characters star alongside each other in a horror movie? 

They do: Josh Lucas and Will Patton both get in on the scary movie action in The Forever Purge, a film where 12 hours of lawlessness isn’t enough for a group of rebels. Of course, the film is set on a ranch, so both Lucas and Patton felt at home with their Dutton-esque roots. 

Lucas plays a young John Dutton on Yellowstone, and Patton breathes…er, breathed life into Jamie Dutton’s biological father, Garrett Randall. 

We won’t give spoilers away for The Forever Purge, but if you’ve not yet seen it, you can still show off your love for Yellowstone as you watch a spine-tingling movie tonight! 

Yellowstone rewind: season three episode seven

Yellowstone‘s third season kicked off its final few episodes with “The Beating,” and it was an intense one, to say the least. Of course, with a title like that, it’s expected that emotions are high, and all bets are off. 

Of course, we have to mention the lovely moment between Rip and Beth, as it’s a game changer for the future. While Beth waits for Rip to get home from a long day’s work, she sits on the porch with a look of sheer bliss on her face. When Rip gets there, he misses that look at first but soon realizes that she’s waiting for him to notice that something’s different. 

What’s different? Beth is ready to ask Rip for his hand in marriage, but he’s not picking up the pieces as quickly as she wishes he would. In fact, it takes him two beers to even be able to sit down and chat. They do talk, however, and when she hands him a box with a ring inside, he says he doesn’t have anything that he can give to her. The thing is, Beth isn’t after things; she just wants him — she wants to be his wife. 

He agreed to marry her, and we were all ecstatic, seriously — we shed some tears here. There is nothing purer than the vulnerability that Beth shows in this scene; it’s a highlight of her character throughout the series. 

Of course, for every up, there is a down; and it’s in this episode when Jamie finds out that he was adopted. The fact that he was adopted isn’t the negative here; of course, adoption is a beautiful thing, and it’s an honor that people can give children a loving home; but things with Jamie have always felt off. His finding out leads to more questions than answers and some harsh accusations thrown at his father, John. John took Jamie in after Randall killed his wife (and Jamie’s mother) and gave him the Dutton name instead, but now Jamie wants to find some things out on his own.

So what’s next for our favorite rival siblings? Will Rip wear the ring from Beth as he works around the ranch? You’ll have to watch the next episode to find out or remember all the pieces. Come on — we know you’ve seen the series as often as we have by now. 

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