Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Kevin Costner shares a lesson on fairness while an ‘1883’ star celebrates a birthday


Happy Wednesday, Yellowstone fans. We’re officially halfway through the week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend of Dutton-inspired fun. What exactly does that look like? Well, it depends on who your favorite Dutton is. You could take down a corporation with a few words like Beth, or make interesting stew for your friends like Teeter. The world is your Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Today, in Taylor Sheridan’s universe, a special 1883 birthday celebration is happening while Kevin Costner shares a lesson on fairness.

So take a seat out on the porch, grab your drink of choice, and let’s ride in. 

1883’s Faith Hill is celebrating a birthday

Margaret Dutton, the family matriarch, is brought to life by the extremely talented Faith Hill. Hill’s journey through 1883 was emotional, full of highs and lows that she walked through with determination, grit, and gratitude. 

Dutton knew that the journey west would be tough on their family and those who were brave enough to travel alongside them, but there was no way she could have anticipated the heartache she would feel. Seeing a world, seemingly always on fire, from a mother’s eyes was as incredible as it was brutal. She wore her emotions as proudly as she wore her strength, and we got happy moments alongside her too. 

She laughed, cried, opened her heart, and closed it too — when it was all too heavy to feel. Like shouldering the losses of her niece, sister-in-law, and her beloved daughter, Elsa. Margaret pieced together the beginnings of the Dutton family, the family we tune to see every Sunday night, the family that captivated audiences in 2018 and hasn’t stopped gifting us with surprises yet.

Something unique about 1883 was that the patriarch of the Dutton family, James, was played by Tim McGraw. So how did it feel to bring Margaret to life alongside her real-life hubby? 

Speaking to ETHill says that the experience was just too good to pass up. 

“We’ve been asked to do things together before, the reason for this one, this particular one, was because of the material, we couldn’t pass it up. It felt like a blessing, we felt so lucky, honestly, to have that fall into our lap.”

We’re sure the happy couple is celebrating today, and fans are indeed the lucky ones to have experienced a series with Hill and McGraw as the anchors, the storytellers, and the leaders of their family. 

Happy Birthday, Faith Hill! Your contribution to the Yellowstone universe is remarkable, and Margaret Dutton will always hold a special place in all our our hearts. 

Kevin Costner talks about fairness

Kevin Costner brings life to John Dutton: ranch-owner, father, and one of the most complex characters on television. Sure, it’s easy to look at him and see a problematic guy, prideful and unwilling to compromise. However, that’s just surface level and in part, a defense mechanism.

Dutton is fighting for the land, ranch, his family, and the Dutton name, and he’s doing it for a hell of a reason. He made a significant promise to his father years ago that he’d never sell the land, not even an inch, and that he’d give it to his children instead. The conversation was heavy; he knew his time with his dad was running out — and while they got a lot of it, there’s never enough.

Dutton knows a thing or two about fairness, and in a video clip shared by Yellowstone and then Kevin Costner himself, that idea is discussed.

“Let me tell you what fair means. Fair means one side got exactly what they wanted in a way that the other side can’t complain about. There’s no such thing as fair.”

Dutton has been on both sides of fair, understanding the word in a realm that most people don’t, and the fight he’ll continue in season 5 will all go back to that four-letter word: fair.

Another four-letter word comes into play, too, and that’s love. The love Dutton has for his father and his family plays into his decision-making and whether or not he plays fair.

It’s Dutton’s world, and we’re just living in it.

You can hear other life lessons from the Dutton family as you watch the first four seasons of Yellowstone streaming now on Peacock.