Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Piper Perabo pushes for John Dutton to ‘get the kiss’ as Luke Grimes reiterates the reason he doesn’t watch the series weekly

The cast of 1923 on horseback, looking out over the open plains
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It’s Thursday, Yellowstone fans, and while we don’t have a new episode of everyone’s favorite cowboy drama to look forward to this weekend, audiences get to see the continued story of the Duttons of days past in 1923. In addition to the new stories we’re currently indulging in, the Yellowstone cast continues to share insight into their own stories, giving us a deeper look into the characters we know and love in this timeline. Piper Perabo is opening up about kissing John Dutton and people who say Yellowstone is a “red-state series.”

Meanwhile, Luke Grimes reiterates why he isn’t a weekly viewer of the Dutton family drama. You know what to do from here: grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and your drink of choice, and let’s ride in. 

Piper Perabo says John Dutton deserves the kiss

Piper Perabo is talking about all things Yellowstone, being Summer Higgins, and what it’s like to be in love with someone who you initially set out to strive against. On falling for John, it was something easy for Summer.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Perabo notes that the scene where Summer and John attend the fair together was a lot of fun, it felt like a moment when they could breathe and just enjoy their time together. 

“Because all of a sudden; this scene comes — the cowboys are winning the bear [stuffed animal], we had so much fun. Forrie [J. Smith], the actor who plays Lloyd, they kept giving him the bear between takes, because everybody else had someone to lean on. You could even tell between the cast that it was this real kind of nostalgic summer scene. And that was really fun to do because I feel like there’s never time to take a deep breath. There’s so much danger in Yellowstone. So, I love that fair. But I don’t know if it was a sign of things to come between Summer and John, or one dreamy moment that may never happen again.”

Perabo is like all of us and says that John Dutton deserves the kiss. After everything he’s been through, he just gets to be the guy that gets the smooch, okay?

“Yes. We discussed it at one point. You know when kids want to drive a car, and they hold a frisbee and go like this (miming driving left to right wildly), and it’s not actually how you drive a car? You can tell when actors are in a trailer and the car isn’t really being pulled. It’s always better to just do. I kissed Kevin before in the kitchen and a couple of other times, so we were like, “Let’s just make this right.” Also, John Dutton never gets a moment of joy. Give John Dutton the kiss — my God, the guy has to go through so much. With some guys you’re like, “You deserve the kiss.”

Deserving the kiss is one thing; getting it is another, and while we were initially hesitant about giving Summer a chance, we have to say, she’s sort of growing on us. Plus — John deserves that kiss!

Luke Grimes speaks again about not watching the series weekly

Luke Grimes joined TODAY to talk about Yellowstone, his first country single, and falling in love with Montana. First things first, it would be impossible not to fall in love with a location so beautiful and awe-inspiring when you’re spending so much time there. So when Grimes’ wife Bianca joined him for a year of filming, they fell into a groove in the state. 

“She came up with me for work one year and just sort of fell in love with it, and we kind of got into the rhythm up there. Going back to Texas didn’t sound like much fun so we stayed, we built a house.”

The pair call Montana home now, and it’s a beautiful location to call home for their family, including their cat, who Grimes recently spoke with Jimmy Fallon about. He laughed as he explained that the pair got a leash for their cat and now take the animal on walks. Hey, we can’t think of anything more exciting!

Speaking of exciting, Grimes put out his first country single at the end of last year, and it was also featured in the mid-season finale of Yellowstone

“It’s amazing. I really appreciate them doing that, and kind of giving the song a little bit of a platform.” 

Grimes also reiterated that he doesn’t watch the series and has a good reason for it. He knows how he’s been playing Kayce Dutton from the beginning, and he almost feels that watching the show might alter the way Grimes plays his character, and he’s not the only actor to echo that same sentiment.

“I don’t … not because I don’t want to or I’m too cool to watch the show or something. It’s because I think it would affect my work, since we’re still doing it. So I think one day, when it’s all said and done, I’ll sit down and watch the whole (thing).”

Of course, Grimes says that Kayce Dutton is the kind of character he’d play forever, so here’s hoping he won’t be tuning into the series anytime soon. We’re counting on many more seasons at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Piper Perabo on the “red-state” status of Yellowstone

Perabo also opened up to THR about critics who call the series a red-state show, and her response is very on-brand, not just for the actress but for how she breathes life into Summer. 

That said, she also doesn’t pay attention to what people say about the show politically because that feedback isn’t be used to help her drive Summer’s arc. 

“I don’t really pay attention to it, because I’m not sure it’s very useful for how to play Summer. But what I like about doing it is that Taylor and I don’t always agree politically. And through knowing each other socially and making this show, we realize that we fight for a lot more common things than we argue about. I feel like that’s happening with John and Summer, and I would hope we can have that happen in America. So to be part of the conversation where people are trying to see what common good we can work on together, and then we’ll deal with maybe the more complicated issues once we’ve got all the stuff we agree on settled? That’s pretty cool.”

She notes that finding something like common ground to stand upon and move forward with is important in the series and our day-to-day lives. She’s hoping that some of these situations in the series encourage viewers to have tough but productive conversations with one another. 

Here’s to Yellowstone, John Dutton getting that kiss, and having brave conversations.