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Latest ’Yellowstone’ News: Season 5 promises new romance for one character as fans hope to see more of Jimmy and Emily

Romance is on the menu, and this character is ready to eat.


Happy Tuesday, Yellowstone fans! We’re thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch ahead of season 5. As the trailer highlights, John Dutton is getting sworn in as governor when we return to Montana, and several of our favorite characters will be getting new jobs. In addition to new careers, budding romances and exciting bonds are on the horizon at the ranch. So while we gear up for some beautiful Montana sunsets, we’re also looking forward to the sweet relationships that will unfold next season, but wait — what if you’re a fan of the existing relationships in the series? Don’t fret; not everything is changing!

So take a load off your tired feet, and grab your favorite drink while we get you sorted on who is expecting new romance and which bonds fans hope to see more of next season. 

This character will have hearts in their eyes next season

Entertainment Weekly revealed that a new character is headed to the Yellowstone, and she’ll set her sights on everyone’s favorite newbie, Carter. 

Orli Gottesman will join the cast as a character named Halie, and she will bring more than just a pretty face and sweet attitude to the series. She will enlighten Carter on his experience and allow him to be the version of himself he’s long hoped to embrace. 

As fans know, season 5 will take place some time into the future, farther away from when we left them in season 4, and Finn Little is also going to be playing a more grown-up version of Carter. Some snaps on his Instagram account show that he’s grown up a lot between seasons 4 and 5, and we can’t wait to see how that change has affected his personality, too. 

Another thing we can’t wait to see? How Rip and Beth handle this new addition to Carter’s life. They might not be his “parents,” and Beth isn’t on board with Carter calling her mom (for personal reasons), but they are his acting guardians, and we’re sure it’ll be an interesting mix.

Fans hope to see more of Jimmy and Emily in season 5

A Reddit thread shared today ignites the hope that Jimmy and Emily will see more of one another on-screen during season 5. When Jimmy first left the Yellowstone, his relationship with Mia was in turmoil, because he was listening to John Dutton, and Mia wanted him to follow her instruction instead.

While at the 6666 Ranch in Texas, Jimmy met Emily, and the two began to form an important bond that saw them begin to bring out the best in one another. Jimmy was sent there to learn how to be a cowboy and for penance for disobeying John Dutton — as he’s grown in his skills, reasoning, and personality; fans are rooting for the character to return to Montana.

It was announced that Jimmy and Emily would be more permanent fixtures in season 5, as their actors were added on as cast regulars. So, it looks like we’ll be seeing them at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, or we’ll be doing a lot of traveling when new episodes return in November.

While many fans love Jimmy, some said they’d be happy to see him solely on a spinoff — as they weren’t his biggest fans.

We’ll learn more when the new episodes of season 5 premiere, but until then — we’re team Jimmy! Plus, you can’t forget, he does wear the brand!

Yellowstone rewind: Season 1, Episode 6 

One of the most prominent takeaways for Yellowstone fans in episode 6 is that Kayce doesn’t have a walk-in-the-park kind of existence. Just because he’s a Dutton doesn’t mean that he’s had an easy road — in fact, having that name often means the opposite. Kayce has struggled with several aspects of his family life, one of which is the very bond they share in the first place. Father and son, the two share a fundamental, primal, but painfully tethered relationship. 

So when Kayce returns to the Yellowstone for the first time, it’s a complicated journey. We also see that Kayce’s relationship with Rip is multifaceted; there’s a(n unhealthy) dose of resentment shared by Rip because Kayce walked away from his family. He understands the absence due to his military service, but he can’t come to terms with the fact that upon his return, he didn’t come back to fulfill his duties. 

We also get a preview of the villains in the Yellowstone series, but they aren’t superheroic in nature or animalistic in looks and behavior — they’re people like you and me. That is part of what makes the series so exciting; these core characters have similar motives but very different ways of handling them.

Is anyone all good and no evil? Does anyone’s heart only beat for truth without the hint of a lie? Are the fights they’re fighting really that different? These questions begin to be uncovered as we meet new characters in season 1 and understand their dynamic and complex relationships. 

In addition to the complexity of all supporting characters in the series, we also get a close look at what makes Beth Dutton the strong and powerful woman she is. One of our favorite things about Beth is how she can flip on a dime. She can be cold and calculating or vulnerable and warm — depending on what you bring to the table. 

So from fist fights to verbal altercations and Beth’s beautiful way of spitting venom like it’s what she was born to do, we’re enjoying our episode-by-episode rewatch of the series that stole our hearts in 2018 and hasn’t shown any signs of letting go.

You can get all caught up on Yellowstone by streaming the first four seasons now on Peacock. If you’re looking for more Dutton lore, you can see 1883 on Paramount Plus in its entirety and keep your eyes peeled for news about 1923. We’re getting yet another look at the family we love and what makes them who they are. 

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