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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: The series wins an EMA as Luke Grimes talks acting and his country music career

Luke Grimes made us emotional with his latest interview.

Members of the Yellowstone cast flank Kevin Costner, who wields a shovel
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Happy Wednesday, Yellowstone fans. We’re even closer to the exciting debut of season 5 happening on November 13. With characters we love up against their most brutal battles, we’re waiting anxiously to discover what will unfold when new episodes begin to air. While everyone in Taylor Sheridan’s camp is keeping a tight lip on what’s to be expected in the upcoming season, we are starting to get an idea of the ups and downs, struggles and joys, and the romance that’s on the horizon at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Of course, the wait for a new season doesn’t mean things are staying too quiet. Yellowstone did win an EMA award over the weekend, and fans woke up to an exciting interview from Luke Grimes where he discussed his father, the series, and his country music career. So sit back, take a load off your worn work boots, and let’s ride in.

Yellowstone wins at the EMA Awards Gala

Over the weekend, Yellowstone was recognized at the Environmental Media Associate Awards Gala at Sunset Las Palmas Studio. The gala was presented by Toyota, and Yellowstone won for Television Episodic Drama for the episode “Keep the Wolves Close.” The winning episode was in the last season of the series, and it was quite a doozy. 

In this episode, fans took in the heartwarming moment in which Teeter was allowed to stay at the ranch after John ordered them off because of drama happening in the bunkhouse. Teeter tried to plead her case and let them know that she wore the brand — noting that it meant something to her, that belonging there meant something to her. 

Knowing that Teeter was a hard worker, Rip tried to plead her case, and when he told her she was staying, she broke down into tears and gave him a big hug. The moment is a stand-out across not just the episode, but the season.

We also see Carter learn an essential lesson from Beth in this episode; after breaking her trust, he tries to make it better by giving her flowers. She quickly tells him she doesn’t want flowers because he’s sorry; that’s not why a woman should receive flowers. 

Most importantly, “Keep the Wolves Close” is also the episode in which we find out that John has the idea of running for Governor of Montana. It’s not a position he wants to fill because it’s a lifelong dream; it’s not a goal he was working towards achieving; instead — it’s something John feels he must do to keep his family safe, even from themselves. 

When the season 5 trailer dropped, and fans saw that John Dutton was swearing in as governor, we realized he knew what he was talking about. Talk about being one step ahead of the game. 

Luke Grimes talks the beauty of ‘Yellowstone’

Grimes brings Kayce to life with a beautiful sense of dedication and an appreciation for all things “living country.” It’s a life he’s familiar with on and off-screen, even residing in Montana, which ended up being perfect as, well — you know the rest: Yellowstone is filmed there, after all. 

In a sweet quote to the New York Post, Grimes recalled his father’s excitement for him joining Yellowstone

“(He was a)Big-time fan, huge, huge. This was his favorite thing I’ve done, by far. I took him to the set a couple of times, him and my mom, and they got to meet Kevin and Taylor. It was really special to do something he was so proud of. I’m so glad he got to see me realize a dream in that way.”

He also talked about his blooming country music career and how it started off as something he was doing in his spare time by writing songs and keeping things close to his chest. He sent the work he’d done to a few friends, and the rest is history.

You can read more about that story here

Yellowstone rewind: season 1, episode 7

The seventh episode of season 1 was intense, to say the least, and it also had some of the most exciting and unsettling moments of the series so far. There’s a multifaceted moment when a busload of tourists happen upon Dutton land, hopping a fence and taking pictures of the scenery. While it is a beautiful spot, it wasn’t theirs to impose upon.

Kevin Costner describes John as “romantic about the history” of the land, and notes that its part of the reason he’s so dead-set on them leaving. The land belongs to John, whether or not they believe he should own it. In fact, they simply don’t believe that the land is all his, and they quickly show that they are in no rush to leave. Of course, this is John Dutton we’re talking about, and he quickly convinced them to relocate in his own shining way of handling business.

Of course, the wild animal wasn’t the only one making things intense in the episode. There was Monica’s recovery journey, which was full of highs and lows; Beth and Walker growing closer, which made our skin crawl; and Rip facing off against a bear.

Yep, you read that right, from a dispute with tourists to a face-off with a bear, the episode has a lot of moments that will wow you as you experience it, but also some that prove just how serious John is about ownership of his land.

Fans have discovered pieces of the Dutton puzzle with each passing episode, and as we reflect upon early episodes with the knowledge of viewers who have watched four seasons, a lot more makes sense. Of course, that’s the beauty of the series as a whole — it’s meant to take us on a journey so that we can look back and think, “oh, now it all makes sense.”

You can enjoy a Yellowstone rewatch of your own with the first four seasons of the series streaming now on Peacock, and don’t forget to cancel all of your plans on Nov. 13. The series will then kick off with a two-hour television event and you won’t want to miss it.

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