Lindsay Lohan’s first TikTok just revealed the correct way to pronounce her name, and the internet is shook

via Instagram @LindsayLohan

Lindsay Lohan, star of iconic teen dramas Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, and, of course, Mean Girls, has now officially joined TikTok, and her first video suggests that if the platform were North Shore High School, none of us would be receiving a Valentinegram from Cady Heron.

We’ve known Lindsay for decades; not just through the filmic medium, but through the inspiring ups and heart-wrenching downs of a personal life made chaotically, constantly public. So it’s hitting fans pretty hard that this entire time, we’ve been pronouncing her name wrong.

Lohan pronounces her name as ”Lowen,” not “Lo-Han,” which is how we’ve always said it. Go ahead and add us to the burn book, Ms Lowen — we deserve it.

Since the introduction video that made us rethink everything, Lohan’s made her TikTok presence felt, even re-enacting a pivotal scene from The Parent Trap, speaking lines we always wished we were brave enough to fling at someone, ourselves (you know you want to, too).

Fans have taken to social media in an uproar about the pronunciation of Lohan, and they’re feeling all of the emotions.

This fan made the burn worse by noting that SNL actually gave us the “Lowen” pronunciation back in 2005. So if you need us, we’ll just be over here pouring salt in the wound.

Reevaluating everything seems to be the general consensus.

This fan is apologizing to Lohan with particular sincerity, since they understand the name struggle on a deep level. Never finding those name keychains have really kept some of us up at night.

We were all today years old.

There are, of course, some exceptions; but curses on those who’ve been getting it right while letting the rest of us say it wrong!

In addition to her tricky surname, fans are also talking about how healthy Lohan looks, which is a treat to see. She looks radiant in her new videos, both on TikTok and in her Instagram posts. Clearly, La Not-Lo-Han has found a place of happiness, and we couldn’t love it more for her.