Listen To Two Unreleased Skrillex Tracks

DJ-Skrillex-Ungkap-Preview-Remix-Barunya-Dari-Lagu-TORRO-TORRO (1)

Last month, a number of Skrillex IDs were leaked on Reddit, giving fans the chance to hear some of the producer’s massive backlog of unreleased material. While the leak has since been removed, two more unreleased cuts have now surfaced on the subreddit dedicated to the DJ, dubbed “Kids VIP” and “Tabasco.”

The “Kids VIP” is an alternate version of Skrillex’s collab with Kill The Noise that served as the title track for his 2014 album Recess. It features a drawn out introduction and some extra hype vocals from Fatman Scoop, but aside from that boasts most of the same elements as the original version.

The second ID, labelled “Tabasco” by the uploader, is a classic Dubstep effort that will please fans. The track opens with a chopped up vocal sample and some catchy percussion loops, before quickly moving into some bass heavy drops complete with dirty synths and robotic rhythms.

Considering the direction Skrillex‘s career has taken as of late, people will no doubt be happy to hear some more material in the vein of his older Dubstep work. We’re not sure these tracks will ever see an official release, but check them out while they’re still online and let us know what you think.