Martin Garrix Talks New Label, Julian Jordan Collab And More In Twitter AMA


Dutch progressive house superstar Martin Garrix has found his name in the sort of headlines that raise more questions than they answer as of late. This clearly isn’t lost on him, as he’s taken to the Twitter account for his newly launched STMPD RCRDS to answer several of his fans’ inquiries.

While he neglected to address that the angular emblem for his new imprint looks like a discount OWSLA logo, he did reveal how “STMPD” is pronounced (which became the topic of fervent debate throughout the EDM blogosphere). Apparently it’s “stamped” – not “stomped” or a less phonetic initialism.

On a more personal note, he revealed that a drunk partygoer accidentally put out a cigarette on his face:

Perhaps most interestingly, however, was his revealing that he and another former Spinnin’ signee Julian Jordan have a collaboration in the works – which suggests that their individual departures from the Dutch label, far apart as they might have been, were perhaps somewhat coordinated.

In his Twitter AMA, Martin Garrix delved into many more topics as well. For a full record of his replies to the first 80 or so tweets made to the STMPD RCRDS account, click here.