Marvel Comics’ New Black Panther Is…Deadpool?!


In recent times, the House of Ideas has treated True Believers to miniseries that pit some of their most popular characters against each other – and with coherent explanations. That said, we’re sure at least some of you remember last year’s Deadpool vs. The Punisher and the gallons of blood it left behind, and the topic of today’s discussion should certainly keep your interest in crossovers going.

As it turns out, two of this year’s box office juggernauts are now butting heads in the appropriately titled Black Panther vs. Deadpool, a five-issue miniseries penned by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer Daniel Kibblesmith (Lockjaw) and illustrated by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Hit-Girl, Civil War II: Kingpin). Cover art, meanwhile, is provided by Ryan Benjamin (Batman).

Well, expect for things to heat up when the fourth installment hits shelves on January 30th, as the Merc with a Mouth will find himself seated on the throne of Wakanda. Actually, we have pretty good idea of what this oddity will look like thanks to the artwork found below.

Of course, this is but another example of Marvel’s over-saturation of Deadpool, though the creative move is already proving divisive on social media. Regardless, this will no doubt be a temporary stunt and more than likely confined to the miniseries.

For more, be sure to check out the official synopsis for the fourth issue:

INTRODUCING…PANTHER-POOL! (YES, REALLY!) A classic Marvel team-up gone terribly wrong! Who could have predicted it?! Luckily, there’s an easy solution. All the Black Panther needs to do is give Deadpool a bullet-sized chunk of the world’s most precious resource and let him return to New York in one piece. Wait, you say that’s a terrible idea and that T’Challa would stop at nothing to keep Vibranium out of Deadpool’s homicidal hands? WELL, YOU’D BE RIGHT! But how do you get rid of an unkillable pest? Buckle up, True Believer, because the Black Panther’s about to do the unthinkable!

Black Panther vs. Deadpool #1, meanwhile, is now available in comic shops.