Marvel fan shows off terrifying Man-Spider cosplay

Image via Sony

Spider-Man has been all the rage over the last year in the lead-up and eventual launch of Spider-Man: No Way Home. While this movie showcased three of the Spider-Men we’ve come to know and love, one cosplayer has instead brought into the spotlight a forgotten and terrifying spider-variant.

In a post to the MarvelStudios subreddit cosplayer, Karrver shared a look at their terrifying life-like Man-Spider outfit.

The outfit perfectly captures the look of the comic character including six arms, a spider-like head that is too realistic, and of course the signature Spider-Man outfit. As you’d expect given the high-quality craftsmanship, other Marvel fans praised the creator for their work but echoed the same sentiment that it truly is nightmare fuel.

Image via Karrver_FX (Reddit)

Man-Spider originates from Marvel Comics but was also featured in the 1990’s animated Spider-Man series. The character has all of the powers that Spider-Man does but also enhanced vision, unlimited webs, and is capable of spitting acid from his mouth.

Originally the character came to be after Spider-Man was experimented on and transformed into a monster. Other appearances of the character came from battles against Plantman and other foes that use environmental factors as their offense.

While the Spider-Man multiverse has been drawn wide open both in the animated realm with Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and in the live-action spaces of the MCU and Sony’s Marvel universe, sadly we don’t see it being likely that Man-Spider will be thrust onto the big screen anytime soon.

Fortunately, this cosplay has given fans a glimpse of how good the character can look when bought to life.