Marvel’s Disney Plus Halloween special may have already wrapped shooting

It seems that Marvel‘s upcoming Halloween television special has just entered post-production.

The special, which is set to adapt the Jake Gomez version of Werewolf by Night, was filming in Atlanta, Georgia under the working title “Buzzcut.” However, if one were to take a quick glance at the list of 39 programs currently in production in Georgia, provided by the website, they would notice that there is no longer a project with the name “Buzzcut” listed. This points to the Halloween special having finished its filming, with only post-production work standing in the way of its October release date.

The only project under Marvel’s name on the website is listed as “Grasshopper,” which is one of the working titles for the upcoming Hawkeye spinoff Echo, which is also being filmed in Atlanta.

Gael Garcia Bernal (Old, Station Eleven) is set to star in the Halloween special as Jake Gomez, who seeks to protect his Arizonian home and the people in it when he transforms into a werewolf, known as Werewolf by Night. Laura Donnelly (Merlin) is also set to star in an undisclosed role, although it’s possible that she will play the role of Jake’s sister Molly, who helps him get his werewolf form under control in the comics.

It’s been confirmed that the special will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s continuity, so we’ll be seeing Werewolf by Night beyond the Halloween one-shot. In Jake Gomez’s comic storyline, he has to deal with the government going after teenage superheroes, a conflict that could tie in quite well with the likes of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man, who are also teenage heroes.

Marvel’s Halloween special will release on Disney Plus in October later this year.