Marvel’s Halloween special starring Werewolf By Night begins filming

Marvel has begun filming on its Halloween special said to feature the iconic comic book character Werewolf by Night.

The news comes as the official Georgia production website lists Disney Plus’s TV Special project, currently under the working title of Buzzcut, as being currently being filmed in the state.

Last year The Cosmic Circus reported that a Werewolf by Night special was in the works at Disney Plus under the code name buzzcut with no official title shared as of yet.

Right now it isn’t entirely clear what the special will look like or what it will be officially titled. All we know is that it will focus on the comic book character Jack Russell a.k.a. Werewolf by Night who will be played by actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

Director Michael Giacchino has been confirmed for the project which is expected to be added to Disney’s streaming service around October.

The upcoming Halloween special will be the next entry in the MCU’s quest to explore its supernatural realm. It has already begun with the debut of Moon Knight, which began airing on Disney Plus on March 30. Following that there is more to come with a Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali set for release in late 2023.

Moon Knight is tied heavily to Werewolf By Night given that the character made its comic book debut in Werewolf By Night #32. We’ve still got plenty more episodes of Moon Knight to air over the coming weeks so perhaps they could provide some hints as to what the Halloween special could include. Given their comic book connections, it won’t be surprising if Moon Knight or the hybrid Marvel vampire end up making a cameo appearance in the Halloween special.